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'Relaxed' Bomber - esstey
'Relaxed' Bomber - esstey
'Relaxed' Bomber - esstey
'Relaxed' Bomber - esstey
'Relaxed' Bomber - esstey
'Relaxed' Bomber - esstey
'Relaxed' Bomber - esstey

'Relaxed' Bomber

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The 'Relaxed' Bomber!

  • Limited quantity available

Freshen up your closet and breathe some life into the upcoming season! This exclusive Jacket is exactly what you are looking for!
A neatly tailored Bomber.
Made with precision and high quality materials, this jacket won't leave you disappointed with your looks.
Urban streetwear at its best. Who doesn't want to be a spaceman nowadays?!
Unisex jacket - perfect as a matching limited edition for you and your special one.

George Lucas had it wrong...
Star Wars wasn't the most exciting thing of all time....
Nowadays, it's the price of Streetwear instead.

Our exclusive release is on sale for a limited amount of time.The Spacy Bomber in crisp Grey or Black, is a solid addition to one's wardrobe.

We're Blank Walls. We're for the homies, and not for those fast fashion money driven folks.
Right here, right now, cop this exquisite piece. Legit, you don't wanna sleep on this!


All of our products are created and hand crafted for absolute precision. We pay great attention to detail and ensure that all of our products are long-lasting.

  • Lining Material: Polyester
  • Cuff Style: Conventional
  • Material: Cotton,Polyester
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Thickness: Medium

Here at EssTey, we do it different. Growing a movement. Building a tribe. We're for the underdog. For the dream-chaser. For the one's that do it their way. The time is now, go get it.

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